• Custom Steel Parts Investment Casting Process Machinery Parts

Custom Steel Parts Investment Casting Process Machinery Parts

Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Iron, Aluminium etc.

Process: Investment Casting/Lost Wax Casting, Sand Casting, Die Casting

Machining: CNC turning, drilling, threading, grinding etc



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Product Description

Custom Steel Parts Investment Casting Process Machinery Parts

  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Iron, Gray Iron, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Pig Iron, Aluminium Alloy etc.
  • Process:Water glass process,Silicasol Process, Sand casting,  Diecast and Machining
  • Service: custom steel parts
  • Standard: DIN, AISI, ASTM, BS, JIS, GB et
  • Weight: 0.05~80kgs


What We Can Do: our steel parts foundry

  • Redesign: We can help our client redesign the products per request to improve the performance of products or production process. Send us the drawing, we can also work for you, type of 2D or 3D drawings are acceptable.
  • In-house Tooling: Tooling make is the first step to start lost wax process, such tooling or pattern will be machined by CNC machine center,So tooling cost needs your payment on the cost when you place the sample order. It is just one-off paid. We will not charge you again for future orders.
  • Casting: Lost Wax /Investment Cast: Water Glass process and Silica Sol Process,and also a process combined and sand casting,
  • Machining: CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring, Threading, Grinding.
  • Heating Treatment: Normalizing,Annealing,Tempering,Quenching, Aging,
  • Surface Treatment: Sand blasting,Zinc/Chrome/Nickel plating,Powder coating, Anodizing,Galvanized, Painting, Oxidation, Mirror Polish
  • Inspection: Dimension inspection,Chemical composition analysis (Spectrum analysis),Mechanical property testing,X-Ray inspection,Dye Penetrant Inspection,Magnetic powder inspection,Metallographic inspections


OEM Service:

We Can Produce According to Drawings or Samples:

  • Auto Parts Cast,Truck Parts,Vehicle Parts,
  • Valve Parts, Pump fittings Parts,
  • Gas engine Parts,
  • Agricultural machinery Parts
  • Mining Machinery Parts
  • Sanitary Ware Parts
  • Construction hardware Parts
  • General industry Parts

Our Production Equipment List:

soluble water glass investment casting

Silicasol Processing Casting equipment list

investment casting machining machinery

Our Customized Metal Parts Casting Manufacturing:

lost wax casting

shell making

shells making


Casting Foundry

sand blasting

repairing part


Our Machining:

investment casting foundry machining

YEMI TECH inspection machine

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