Metal Casting Development

Metal Casting Development China, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome started to cast weapons,sacrificial vessels, art works and family utensils in ancient times. Early castings were made of gold, silver, copper and their alloys.Bronze age is a glorious page in the

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Metal Casting Property

Metal Casting Property Metal casting is a process to pour melting metal liquid accord with certain requirement into casting mold,  after cooling and solidification, clean and tidy up, to get a predetermined shape, dimension and properties. Casting blank is almost

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Casting Quality

Casting Quality Casting quality mainly includes the appearance quality, the internal quality and the working quality. Appearance quality refers to the surface roughness, surface defects, dimensional deviations, shape deviations and weight deviations. Internal quality refers to the chemical composition, physical

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Casting Classification

Casting  Classification There are many kinds of methods to classify castings: such as according to material, we can have casting steel, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum, cast magnesium, cast zinc and cast titanium. And each kind of above casting

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Industrial Development of Precision Investment Casting

Industrial Development of Precision Investment Casting Precision investment casting is the leader in world casting industry, as the representative of foundry industry in high-tech fields, precision investment casting must play an exemplary and leading role. The premise of precision investment

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