Metal Casting Property

Metal Casting Property

Metal casting is a process to pour melting metal liquid accord with certain requirement into casting mold,  after cooling and solidification, clean and tidy up, to get a predetermined shape, dimension and properties. Casting blank is almost formed, which reduced cost by free machining or minimum machining at a certain extent. Metal casting is one of the basic process of modern machinery manufacturing industry.

Advantage of Metal Casting Property:

The metal casting has faster cooling, and structure is denser,which can be strengthened by heat treatment, and the mechanical performance is about 15% higher than that of sand casting.

Metal casting, casting quality is stable, surface roughness is better than sand mold casting, unqualified rate is low.

Labor conditions are good, productivity is high, workers are easy to master.

Disadvantage of Metal Casting Property:

Metal thermal conductivity is large,  filling capacity is poor.

Metal is not breathable. Corresponding measures must be taken to exhaust effectively.

Metal type is non-concessional and easy to crack and deform when solidified.

Metal Casting Property

Metal Casting Property

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