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Our company has many advanced investment casting production equipment in our foundry, including the equipment of Sodium Silicate Process Casting : wax injector ,paint mixer ,Q3110 roller shot-blasting machine,Q378D overhead-rail shot-blasting machine, chain shot-blasting machine, rotary sander, manual sand-blasting machine,welding transformers(BX3-510), DC welder, 0.5t medium-frequency induction furnace, box resistance furnace, coal-burning calcining kiln, 0.5t steam boiler, hydraulic press, press tester, air compressor;

And the equipments of Silica Gel Process Casting :three piece set of the wax liquid processes, wax injector , industrial cooling water machine , moistens the thick liquid machine, floats the granulate substance machine, drenches the granulated substance machine , fully- automatic softened water contoller, dust remover, die head machine , (KRY-75-6) silicon-controlled rectifier temperature control cubicle, tempering resistance furnace, box resistance furnace , (Q326C) chain shot-blasting machine, (Q476C) double hook shot-blasting machine;

The equipments of the Machine-finishing : vertical processing center , NC milling machine , vertical milling machine , NC lathe , universal radial milling machine, radial drilling machine ,conventional lathe , sawing machine ,hacksawing machine ,linear cutting machine .

including machine-finishing equipment as below:

Equipment Name Equipment Name
Vertical processing center NC milling machine
Vertical milling machine NC lathe
Universal radial milling machine Radial drilling machine
Conventional lathe Sawing machine
Hacksawing machine Linear cutting machine

Investment Casting  Process Equipment :

Equipment Name Equipment Name
Wax injector Paint mixer
Q3110 roller shot-blasting machine Q378D overhead-rail shot-blasting machine
Chain shot-blasting machine Rotary sander
Manual sand-blasting machine Welding transformers(BX3-510)
DC welder 0.5t medium-frequency induction furnace
Box resistance furnace Coal-burning calcining kiln
0.5t steam boiler Hydraulic press
Press tester Air compressor

Equipment of Silica Sol Process Casting :

Equipment Name Equipment Name
Three piece set of the wax liquid processes Wax injector
Industrial cooling water machine Moistens the thick liquid machine
Floats the granulate substance machine Drenches the granulated substance machine
Fully- automatic softened water contoller Dust remover
Die head machine (KRY-75-6) silicon-controlled rectifier temperature control cubicle
Tempering resistance furnace, box resistance furnace (Q326C) chain shot-blasting machine
(Q476C) double hook shot-blasting machine