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Our Company

Dalian Yemi Technology is an expert in supplying OEM custom metal parts, with its headquarter in Zhuanghe,Dalian City, Yemi Technology is a newly built company in Free Trade Zone of Liaoning Province,to act as a sales window to our group, to serve our customer with quality investment castings, sand castings, die castings, sheet-metal and aluminium profiles etc products.

We have five factories to cover the demands from our customer, two investment casting foundry was founded in 1997,  in 2010,we add another foundry for investment castings, our capability for investment castings is 8000 tons per year. Material includes stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 326L) , carbon steel (1025, 1035, 1045),alloy steel, aluminium ((ZL101,ZL114A,A356), brass and copper (CuZn38,H62) etc. Surface finish can be done with sand blast, polishing, electro-plating, anodizing, powder coating,paints etc.And have cooperated with another factory for request from our client for Sand casting products. Same time, considering market demanding, we have another joint venture company specially for aluminium profiles.

Our metal parts covers over 1000 kinds,widely used in different industries, such as: automotive, truck, train and high speed railway, boats and marine industry, pumps and valves,agricultural machinery and crane, forklift,medical equipment, building hardwares, elevator and container locks etc. Our Products are exported to USA,Japan, German, Netherlands, UK,  Canada, Singpore, Hongkong and Australia etc.

Our Production Facilities

The company has many advanced equipments, including the equipments of Sodium Silicate Process Casting : wax injector ,paint mixer ,Q3110 roller shot-blasting machine,Q378D overhead-rail shot-blasting machine, chain shot-blasting machine, rotary sander, manual sand-blasting machine,welding transformers(BX3-510), DC welder, 0.5t medium-frequency induction furnace, box resistance furnace, coal-burning calcining kiln, 0.5t steam boiler, hydraulic press, press tester, air compressor;

And the equipments of Silica Gel Process Casting :three piece set of the wax liquid processes, wax injector , industrial cooling water machine , moistens the thick liquid machine, floats the granulate substance machine, drenches the granulated substance machine , fully- automatic softened water contoller, dust remover, die head machine , (KRY-75-6) silicon-controlled rectifier temperature control cubicle, tempering resistance furnace, box resistance furnace , (Q326C) chain shot-blasting machine, (Q476C) double hook shot-blasting machine;

The equipments of the Machine-finishing : vertical processing center , NC milling machine , vertical milling machine , NC lathe , universal radial milling machine, radial drilling machine ,conventional lathe , sawing machine ,hacksawing machine ,linear cutting machine .

Our Testing Equipment

We have complete testing and analyzing equipment. As the testing of chemical components is concerned,we have introduced F-20 direct-reading spectrometer from Italy and QC direct_reading spectrometer from Germany which can analyze C 、Si 、Mn、 p 、S、 Ni、 Cr、 Mo、 V、 Ti、 Al 、Cu、 Mg、 Ce 、Nb、 B、 W; As the testing of physical performance is concerned, we can conduct the tensile test ,impact test, hardness test and metallographic analysis , etc. Meanwhile , we can also use the fluorescent magnetic particle inspection in dealing with the magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection and pigmentation examination to castings.

Our Certificate

Our company produces various kinds of precision castings strictly in accordance with the state standard and industry standard, qualified with the production license issued by Germanischer Lloyd. In January 2003, the company successfully got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System,and we strictly practiced the quality control system in all production links from the raw materials inspection, production control to the final products examination. we also got the certificate of TS16949:2002 Quality Control System in March 2008.It was titled as one of the Liaoning Province Top-notch Credit Well-know enterprise by Liaoning Credit Judgeing Committee in 2006. In addition,it was also awarded the title of Comprehensive Strength 30 Strong Private Enterprises in Zhuanghe City.”