Vocabulary of Casting Part I

Vocabulary of Casting Part I.

alternate current welder
alternate immersion test
ashy top
basic cupola
basic slag
basic pig iron
basic oxide
basic oxygen process
basic slag practice
basic brick
coke size
coke ratio
coke powder
coke furnace
coke pig iron
carrying tongs
casting cycle
casting area
casting bay

casting part
casting equipment
casting time
cluster bottom mold,runner core

casting rate

dead clay
foundry ladle
gate stick pouring time
gate area
gate cutting
gate cutter
gate cutting machine

gating system plan
gating system
gating with run-of
gating and risering(us)
gating and feeding(gb)
instantaneous ladle inoculation
iron spillage

key gate
ladle cement
ladle car
ladle on wheels
ladle carrier

ladle sampling
ladle bogie
ladle bail
ladle chair”
ladle emptying time
ladle pouring time
ladle analysis
ladle capacity
ladle residues
ladle ttest
ladle shank
ladle covering compound
ladle preheater
ladle lip
ladle crane
ladle inoculation
ladle brick


mold inoculation

open ladle method
pouring cup
pouring basin
pouring lip
pouring gate
pattern incorporating the runner system

progressive aging

pouring ladle
pouring gate feeding compound

pouring dish
pouring bush

poured short

pouring operation
runner box
running and feeding layout
runner stick
runner ratio

running and feeding system

runner scrap

sprue cup
sprne shearing
sprue bush
sprue cutter
short run

short pours
tar dolomite brick
yield point
yield strength

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